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UK Premiership footballers are lazy, overpaid, whining twats…

There is nothing more annoying than a albeit skilled footballer (soccer player for all your yanks 😉 getting £90,000 per week whining about their 40 odd regular game season being too long and too tiring.  Here is my message to you – for £90K a week you should be playing EVERY FECKING DAY!  Stop your whining and realise that in real sports such as say the NHL you have a play a regular season of 82 games, yes 82 – more than you would ever play even with cups and champions league fixtures slapped in.   Not only do they play 82 games regular they are in some cases cross a few states which in travel terms is more than you will travel in the UK in a whole season.   Oh as well as their regular season of 82 and if they reach playoff/stanley cups that is another 3 (or is it 4) more fixtures which are BEST OF 7…so yes you overpaid whining twat that is possible 15 games or so…   It is perhaps also the more challenging physically of sports than your beloved kissball as well….do you hear them whining?

So, get up, straighten your silky shorts and stop whining….lazy arse gimps.


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