… I’m A Funky Skull And I’m A Scorpio

Hats off to Adobe on the recent announcement and immediate release of the ColdFusion 8 Beta. I have seen ColdFusion Editions come and go and I must say that this release certainly does look to be the écrous du chien. It has so many of the features which I have been longing for since CF made the transiton to Java such as Server Monitoring, IDE Debugging, Ajax support and .NET “Integration” – I would still like to see an Adobe ColdFusion .NET edition as I think BlueDragon/New Atlanta had a stroke of genius with their .NET edition and it would do wonders for CF if Adobe took that plunge directly from the horses mouth. For now though I am more than chuffed at the ability to access .NET Assemblies directly via CreateObject()…..coolio.

I will post more on ColdFusion 8 as the weeks go on and my in depth, and now out of NDA, work permits…. for now though, CF has never been stronger and I’m lovin’ it. It has, and I think always will, rule the RAD Web Application Development world for it’s ease of use and unprecedent power.

Forza ColdFusion…!!!!


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